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Trauma Intensives & Retreats



Accelerated Healing

Ever wondered why Intensives? Have you lived with symptoms, memories, or struggled in talk therapy with challenges that you can't quite move through?

An Intensive might be the right fit!

3 or 6 hours of concentrated therapy in one day to address the challenge or distress. 


Less Weekly Therapy

Not ready to commit to weekly therapy, but want to see results? 

An intensive might be for you!

A 3 or 6 hours intensive or retreat on your schedule to accomplish 3 to 6 weeks or more of progress in a day or few days and go back to your busy schedule. 


Concentrated Trauma Work

Has life stressors distracted you weekly from making the progress you want to make in your hourly sessions? 

You might be the right fit for an Intensive!

With a focused, individualized plan of treatment we focus on your treatment goals and work to support your care and progress throughout your intensive.

Image by Matthew Henry

EMDR Intensives & Retreats

EMDR Intensives and Retreats are 3 hours or 6 hours of focused EMDR therapy meant to provide faster results or fit better into that busy lifestyle of yours. 

EMDR intensives are a way to make months worth of progress in a single day or few short days. For example, one 6 hour intensive is equal to 6 weeks of hourly therapy. Intensive or Retreats can be completed as an adjunctive therapy alongside meetings with your current talk therapist. 

Additional supports available to add into your intensives and retreats include: IFS, Reiki, and Somatic Informed Yoga Practices.


Intensives are offered virtually in MA, RI, FL, or VT or in person in Auburn, MA. At this time, insurance does not cover intensive treatment.  

Additional Resources for EMDR Intensives: 

Intensive EMDR Treatment

A 5 Day EMDR Inpatient For PTSD: A Pilot Study

Brainspotting Intensives & Retreats

Stress impacts everyone, but if it is becoming chronic or overwhelming and unmanageable; therapy can be a support to start to manage those stressors again. 

An important point, I make with those I work with is we

can't stop stress from happening, but we can be prepared to handle it and manage it as best we can.

Common Techniques used for Stress Management:

Psychoeducation on Stress, Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Based Therapy.

Therapy Session
Wellness Coach

Integrative Intensives & Energy Healing

Intensives are not only here to guide you through these through your distress but to make sure you are noticing healing all parts of you. Optional integrations to your intensive can include:


Gentle Somatic Movement

Breath work/ Guided Mediation

IFS informed Care

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