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Image by Paul Talbot


Trauma and PTSD can be conditions that can effect multiple areas of your life and your relationships. 

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) helps by taking negative beliefs and upsetting or traumatic memories and combining them with eye movement, sound, or tapping (Bilateral Stimulation) to reduce distress and install adaptive cognitions around the upsetting or traumatic memories.

Anxiety impacts many people within work, school and within their relationships. Therapy can help build coping skills, help normalize and decrease feelings of social isolation, and increase competence in combating these feelings and thoughts daily.


Self Esteem and Body Image are areas that many people struggle with as early as childhood and preteens, I take a anti-diet, Health at Every Size Approach to self esteem and body image and meet you where you are in your body image and self esteem journey to find acceptance and love in the body you have. 

Depression is a condition that impacts many as early as their teens and therapy is a way to process and sort through the negative cognitions that are contributing to depression and finding strategies that work for you. Stress is one of the first signs that contribute to people noticing their depression.

Gender and Sexual Identity support as a teen and adult can be beneficial when finding the right fit in your therapist. Whether you want to exclusively focus on better understanding where you are in your journey or if you want a therapist that is accepting and affirming of your identity while you address other therapeutic areas, I am here to provide you a space for you to be you unapologetically.

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