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Trauma Therapy

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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

The EMDR approach believes past emotionally-charged experiences are overly influencing your present emotions, sensations, and thoughts about yourself. As an example: “Do you ever feel worthless although you know you are a worthwhile person?”

EMDR uses rapid sets of eye movements or other BLS to help you update disturbing experiences, much like what occurs when we sleep. During sleep, we alternate between regular sleep and REM (rapid eye movement). This sleep pattern helps you process things that are troubling you.

EMDR replicates this sleep pattern by alternating between sets of eye movements and brief reports about what you are noticing. This alternating process helps you update your memories to a healthier present perspective.

To learn more click this link​ and learn and watch how EMDR has been used internationally.

EMDR can be offered as your primary form of therapy or as adjunctive therapy, while you continue to work with your current talk therapist. 

I also offer EMDR in hourly, intensive, and retreat models. Hourly EMDR is the only type of EMDR currently covered by insurance. 

Here are some additional resources on EMDR:


Adjunctive EMDR

What is Adjunctive EMDR therapy? It is providing EMDR therapy short-term while in collaboration with your current therapist. It can be beneficial for individuals who have felt they have made great progress in talk therapy, but a recommendation for EMDR has been given or they want to try it for themselves for further in depth work. 

I provide Adjunctive therapy through hourly weekly sessions, through intensives, or through retreats per your interest and goals. 

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EMDR Intensives

EMDR Intensives are 3 hour or 6 hour focused EMDR therapy hours meant to provide faster results or fit better into that busy lifestyle of yours. 

EMDR intensives are a way to make months worth of progress in a single day or few short days. They can be completed as an adjunctive therapy alongside meetings with your current talk therapist. For example,  one 6 hour intensive is equal to 6 weeks of hourly therapy.

Intensives are offered virtually in MA, RI, FL, OR VT or in person in Millbury, MA. At this time, insurance does not cover intensive treatment.  

Additional Resources for EMDR Intensives: 

Intensive EMDR Treatment

A 5 Day EMDR Inpatient For PTSD: A Pilot Study

EMDR Retreats

EMDR Retreats are multi-day intensives scheduled back to back this can be advantageous for the person coming into to town to focus on their healing, this could also be advantageous for the person that wants to make fast progress for a specific time frame in their life, or for the person that wants to set aside several days exclusively to their healing as they cannot traditionally do that in their daily life. 

EMDR Retreats are currently offered as 3 days or 5 days options, for 6 hours each day and can be provided virtually in MA, RI, FL, or VT or in person in Millbury, MA.

At this time, insurances do not cover intensives or retreats.  

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