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EMDR Consultation for EMDR Therapists

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EMDR Certification Consultation

 Do you want help in understanding protective parts and how they slow down or put up barriers to processing? Are you struggling with understanding how to support your client and keep them in their window of tolerance when navigating dissociation? Are you noticing when a client feels like they have a need to get EMDR "right"? This is where a consultation comes in!

Consultation can create a supportive learning environment to continue to deepen your understanding of EMDR and how you can connect it to your unique approach and practice. 

I specialize in using EMDR with adults and adolescents who are coping with complex trauma and anxiety. I have advanced training and experience using IFS informed EMDR (Syzergy Institute) and with addressing dissociative systems using parts work (Robin Shapiro, Dolores Mosquera).  

I am an EMDRIA Approved Consultant-In-Training with Kase & Co. I provide individual and group EMDR consultation to therapists prepared to take the next step in their journey towards EMDRIA certification. I can support therapists with 15 of the 20  required hours needed towards certification.

Areas of Expertise:

  • IFS Informed EMDR

  • Dissociation 

  • Complex Trauma/ PTSD

  • Anxiety, Self Worth, and EMDR

  • Organization and Case Conceptualization of Complex cases

  • EMDR Intensives 

  • Enhanced resourcing with attachment wounds.

  • EMDR and Teens

Please reach out to schedule consultation and learn more about my upcoming group and individual consultation offerings.

Schedule a discovery call today.

22 West Street, Suite 33, 

Millbury, MA

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